In December 2012, scientists at Institut de Veille Sanitaire, St Maurice, France, discovered that the sperm count in human males across the world was in sharp decline. The research was conducted over a seventeen year period showed that the sperm count had reduced by a third, and the scientist’s prediction was that the reduction in sperm count was set to continue. Reasons for the decline of the male sperm count we not found.

Water fluorination has been a subject of concern. Scientific claims that fluoride in drinking water can cause infertility have been proven in several studies. However, the ‘World Health Organisation’ considers the ratio of 1.5mg/L of fluoride in drinking water to be a safe dose with limited adverse effects. It may be disturbing that there are any effects at all when we consider the millions of people who are exposed to fluorinated water – with every person being different in age, health and so on.

The reason governments give for putting fluoride in the water supply is to reduce tooth decay. In the USA, where around 65% of the population are dosed through fluorination of the water supply, the worst tooth decay occurs in poor areas that have been fluoridated for decades. This could be because for fluoride to be most effective it is believed that it should be applied directly to teeth, and not through the water supply. When fluorination was stopped in areas of Finland, East Germany, Cuba and Canada, tooth decay apparently decreased.

Fluoride is a toxic chemical, and has been shown to cause genetic damage at low doses, and has been linked to cot death, Alzheimer’s and eczema. Fluoride also causes collagen to disintegrate, which is an essential part of the structure of bone, muscle and skin. Flouride has also been linked to underactive thyroid glands, and was once prescribed to depress thyroid activity.

Many countries (especially in Europe) have banned the use of fluoride in water supplies due to the health risks involved.

Mosaic (a major fertiliser producer), is a major supplier of fluorination products for the worldwide water fluorination market. Mosaic was formed by Cargill Inc. and IMC Global Inc. (IMC Global Inc. is owned by Cargill Inc.). You may remember that earlier we touched on Cargill’s involvement with Monsanto and the GMO industry.

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