The next subject Dr Day talked about was homosexuality. According to Dr Dunegan, Dr Day said “People will be given permission to be homosexual”.

It is curious that this would be included in the globalist’s plans for the future because homosexuality has (as far as we know from scholars) been part of human life since we emerged on this planet. It is not until we look into a little bit of history and the development of openness concerning homosexuality that we begin to see why this was specifically mentioned.

The term ‘homosexual’ is a fairly recent addition to the English language, only appearing in the 19th century, although there have been references to same-sex relationships in various languages throughout history.

The earliest reliable records of (what we now call) homosexual activities are from ancient Greece, where homosexuality was practiced and generally accepted (sometimes celebrated) by both men and women. Not all of ancient Greece approved. There were areas such as Iona that had restrictions on same-sex interactions.

The have been humans in every major period of history, and in every major society, who have engaged in homosexual activity – whether accepted or not. In some societies, homosexual activities were used in rituals, in others homosexuality was practiced for pleasure.

Since the time of the Greeks, many societies have imposed severe penalties for same-sex relationships. In England, anal sex between any gender was made illegal by the Buggery Act of 1553 during the reign of Henry IIIV, with the penalty being death by hanging. The ‘offence’ of sodomy had been dealt with through ecclesiastical courts prior to the Act. The Act went through several alterations until it was finally repealed in 1829 and was replaced by a section 15 of the ‘Offences against the Person Act’ in 1828.

In our more modern history, homosexuality started to gain interest among scholars and scientists in the 19th century. The writings of Sigmund Freud with his theories on sexual identity started to become widely read and accepted. Magnus Hirschfield established the ‘Institute for Sexual Science’ in Berlin in 1919, which continued to amass material relating to homosexuality until 1933. Although dissolved in 1933, the material from the institute has been part of various universities in Germany since.

One of the most famous cases in the UK is the trial of Oscar Wilde in 1895 when he was convicted of gross indecency for homosexual acts which fell short of sodomy, and sentenced to two years in prison.

Homosexuality in England was to remain illegal until 1967 When the Sexual Offences Act permitted homosexual acts in private by men over 21 years of age.

There has never been legislation in the UK concerning lesbianism, with laws specifically referring to interactions between males.

Laws concerning homosexuality in the United States have been made state by state, and the remaining sodomy laws were invalidated in 2003 by the Supreme Court ruling in the Lawrence v. Texas  case, with the exception being the US armed forces. Although homosexuality (specifically sodomy) is no longer illegal, military personnel are still governed by the ‘Uniform Code of Military Justice’ in which an article states ‘a) Any person subject to this chapter who engages in unnatural carnal copulation with another person of the same or opposite sex or with an animal is guilty of sodomy. Penetration, however slight, is sufficient to complete the offense, b) Any person found guilty of sodomy shall be punished as a court-martial may direct’.

But perhaps Dr Day was not referring to the legislative framework in particular when he said “People will be given permission to be homosexual”. It is more likely that he was referring to a shift in social attitudes to homosexuality.

In recent times we have seen ‘civil partnerships’ and ‘gay marriages’ discussed and approved of by many institutions that had previously expressed that homosexual union was ‘wrong and immoral’. Societies in most developed countries have accepted homosexuality and transgenderism as part of normal, everyday life.

Media personalities have ‘come out’ as being gay, and being gay is no longer a barrier to engaging in society – although there are still some exceptions and prejudice still exists. People are no longer afraid to be ‘gay’ and openly display their sexuality to the rest of their society.

7 thoughts on “Homosexuality

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    • It’s one thing for society to legalize and accept homosexuality, but it is quite another for it to be pushed and promoted, especially towards children, and that is what is happening now. For me, it is part of a far-left plan to make everybody a generic race and sex, where we are all biracial and bisexual. It might lead to less prejudice, but I see it as a form of genocide.

      • I appreciate the objective nature of this article in addressing what the original document/source claimed, but as a gay guy who’s well read up on this type of stuff, I see a few nuances that need to be clarified.

        Firstly, the birth control comment up above is inane. Gay people make up less than 10% of the population. Implying that this 10% of people can control how 90% of straight people procreate, or that this 10% can have a hugely negative impact against the rate of child birth, makes no sense and seems to be a personal issue/projection.

        Next, although there are agendas, it needs to be understood that gay people are a subset of people who have been “agendafied.” This has happened to many groups of people, including straight people, people of certain races, religious people, etc. The Globalists take groups of people that exist, then pushes their nature to the extreme so that others resist it or react to it. These divisive tactics serve them more than anything. It’s very important to distinguish between “the people” and “the agenda sourced from these people.”

        For example, gay and straight people exist and there’s no fanfare about that. But the Globalist agenda has made some gay people so warped that they make an identity out of it, full of rainbow colors and pop idols and a lisp here and there. The agenda has made them “try to be something more” than just being gay like they are. As a spiritually stable gay guy, I can feel how this fake identity/culture stuff is uncomfortable and unsavory. Sex is sacred beyond procreation (like the source admits, it’s pleasurable, and that’s because it connects us to the energies of God), and the Globalist agenda derived from gay people has completely superficialized and distorted sex in the gay community. Glance at any Pride parade, and you will find gay people who have been harmed by this agenda, often fetishizing sex.

        On the other side, this same “Globalist gay agenda” makes straight people hate or otherwise dislike the gay people who have bought into the agenda as well, because the traits of the agenda are admittedly dislikable. I’m gay and I don’t even like them!

        But without the Globalists, there would just be gay and straight people with no real problems toward each other. All people are screwed by a Globalist agenda, not just the people who don’t fit into the agenda. (To be fair though, gay people have been screwed earlier and longer by straight people who got programmed by the typical anti-human aspects of the Globalists and hated and kicked out their gay kids, for example. So there was an authentic Civil/Gay Rights movement. But the Globalists capitalized on that.)

        I also need to point out that making children aware of homosexuality is not part of a negative agenda, even if it has been at times usurped by an agenda. If you have a problem with your kids knowing gay people exist, you have a problem with them knowing about the world. That is a personal problem in yourself. But some people do not like owning this shadow aspect, and conflate it with some evil agenda “out there” in the world, instead of in their own minds and hearts.

        I’m 28 now, and it was harmful and negligent for me to not see gay people in the media when I was young. And I’m talking about pre-puberty, around age 8 or 10. I obviously didn’t know what sexuality was at that age, but I knew I was naturally drawn to male energy, by noticing the actors on screen and the personalities and by how I felt around peers my age, etc. Had I seen gay couples and gay teens in the media I was watching, I would’ve understood myself better and sooner and been a stronger member of society. The agenda to keep gay people out of the spotlight both in media, and in real life where gay people felt they could not be themselves, was basically a cultural genocide against people like me.

        This is morally corrupt no matter who it affects. Part of the agenda is in fact getting people to *agree* to erase other types of people from the perception of reality. The Globalists want you to hate gay people and hide them from your kids, so that the Globalists can nudge a few inches closer to their goal. They did this well with black history, erasing the strong communities that existed Midwest America and in Africa and painting them as apes and slaves.

        This is where it’s clear the agenda screws the people “on the inside” of the agenda as well. In my case, I was ignorant, confused, and shy, so hid away from sharing myself with the world and delayed my development as an adult. In the case of other gay people, they use the agenda as a diving board to become obnoxious and in-your-face about who they are, without truly being comfortable about who they are. Meanwhile, black people grow up surrounded by poverty, crime, and demoralizing rap — none of which is who they are, but is what the agenda turned them into. Rap in particular, which is nothing more than poetry-in-song, was commandeered by the Globalists and perverted into what it is today.

        People not understanding their true nature is also part of the Globalist agenda in general. Making it hard for a person to be or know who they actually are serves Globalists. Not knowing who you are deep down means you’ll buy into the agenda more easily, whether on the side of becoming the agenda itself or by hating the people who the agenda has been built on. So if I don’t know I’m gay or if a black person doesn’t know they’re as human as anyone else, it tricks us into buying into what the agenda is serving us: some form of obnoxious dehumanization.

        Unfortunately for transgender people, I believe they do exist with some of the problems and confusions they claim, but it’s crystal clear that an agenda has been built off of them and has become so radicalized that it’s unbearable. As a gay guy, I probably feel as disturbed, disgusted, and angered by the “trans agenda” as any straight person. And the truth is, any person who is actually transgender has been far more hurt by the “trans Globalist agenda,” than that agenda has hurt anyone who’s not trans. Many people experiencing transgenderism cannot differentiate between what they’re feeling, and what they’re “supposed to feel” from the agenda being fed to them.

        A Globalist agenda annoys and angers the people who don’t fit in the agenda, and destroys the from the inside out those who do fit the agenda. The Globalists leave no stone unturned in their attempts to diminish Humanity.

        These are important nuances that I see some well-meaning people comment on, but miss, including straight people trying to navigate this content. Like I said, if you have a problem with children being exposed to other types of people that exist, that’s your problem. Not the problem of gay people or necessarily the evil Globalists. Hopefully my comment helps clarify these nuances and I am not coming off too harshly, but I admit it’s frustrating to constantly come across this unawareness. Like the article points out, homosexuality of some nature has been around forever, so why do people still not get it? Some bodies are aroused by the opposite sex, some by the same sex. That’s all there is to it. Anything else is likely an agenda.

        It’s on all of us to be mindful about how these agendas operate. The second we turn against each other for even little reasons is the same second the Globalists win.

      • I mostly agree with TR, without a globalist agenda pitting everyone against each other we’d have far less issues to deal with. However I do think there is an argument to made, albeit a small one concerning reproduction. In times gone by many homosexual men married women and had children so as not to upset society or hinder themselves socially or politically, but then carried on a secret life away from the public. Admittedly this is a small percentage to be concerned with in regards to population control, but these globalist never miss a trick. I think its part of a bigger overall sexual agenda to get everyone to focus more on “sex for pleasure” without procreation and thus making less humans to deal with, it also opens the door for another subset group to further splinter the population against itself and thereby distracting us further from what they are doing to us all.

        Nowadays I think we can agree there is an active “PUSH” to create more homosexuals and transgenders, who may not have taken these paths if not for the constant bombardment during adolescence telling them if they have any questions, doubts or concerns then they must be an, “alphabet person”.(not derogatorily but I don’t know what the latest iteration of the identity list is…) We all struggle thru puberty and I believe they take advantage of this natural state of confusion to push kids one way or another. Going even so far as to target small children who are naturally curiously exploring the world. I played with my sisters dolls, tried on my moms shoes for a laugh and that didn’t make me trans. Today they drug them up and decide for them they must be this trans person, before they can choose for themselves. A younger friend of mine confided in me she thought her “4 year old” son might be gay because he liked to sing… That’s how mucked up society is today and how they’ve warped how parents view normal child behaviors into being signals of sexuality. Kids sing, kids dance, kids try on adult clothes and that’s all there is to it.

  2. I came across this website just today. Have been reading through the different subjects and I’m glad I read your comment on this.
    Your comment is not harsh at all, I think you couldn’t have explained it better and I’m happy to read an intelligent human and objective response to this matter.

  3. I know that people are not aware of this, but as soon as someone says “I’m gay” or “as a gay guy”, they are unwittingly giving into a socially constructed identity born, as the article rightly states, in the 19th century. You sound like a intelligent person. Please drop the label. We are all humans with different preferences. The labels and categories are a mistake, an intellectual fallacy.

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