Pushing boundaries

In modern society, anyone of legal age can engage in any sexual activity they want, provided it is conducted in private, is consensual, the participants are of legal age, and does not involve significant mutilation or death, and in many countries, does not include animals. Otherwise people can choose to indulge themselves in everything from role playing as babies, to satanic worship rituals and hard-core BDSM.

Many taboos have been removed and are often used, in a more diluted form, in mass media such as music video and advertising. The public have been gradually exposed to more and more sexually divergent material that they hardly pass comment when something a little more ‘unusual’ enters their homes via their televisions.

Clubs relating to sexual activities have become more prolific since the mid-1980s. Swinger’s clubs, fetish clubs, and all manner of other clubs and meeting places for sex have appeared in many major cities, often under the guise of a ‘private members club’.

The popularity of the internet resulted in an explosion of pornographic content becoming available to people in their homes. Again, just about any sexual inclination is catered for.

If someone is looking for something to satisfy their inclination they can find it. Many flaunt their sexual freedom by displaying their particular preference in parades and other public events – hardly shocking anymore.

People are actively encouraged to explore their more extreme sexual preferences through magazine articles and television programmes. Subjects that were once considered private and only the realm of the bedroom are often discussed about openly. In some social circles, exploring the more extreme side of sex is seen as something to be encouraged.

The sex lives of older adults have been the subject of interest to some researchers. In 2007 a study by the University of Chicago found that 73% of people between 57 and 64 had active sex lives, and 53% between the ages of 64 to 75, and 26% of those aged 75 to 85.

With the advent and promotion of Viagra (sildenafil citrate) in the late 1990s as a solution for older males who experienced erectile dysfunctions, sex between older people started to make the news, and become socially acceptable. It was considered to be as valid a part of human sexuality as any other, having previously attracted little attention – being almost a taboo subject among younger generations.

3 thoughts on “Pushing boundaries

  1. Hm. I believe that although sexuality can be alluring, and “naughty”- its sole purpose is for procreation. It is ridiculous and quite repulsive that people who are far past the age of procreation find it necessary to engage in artificial stimulants and products in order to go through the mere “act” of it, yet for no useful purpose. Next thing you know they will be making these products for neutered household pets… oh no.. I’ve given them ideas…

  2. Part of pushing boundaries means lowering the age of consent and legalizing prostitution. Prostitution is rampant all over the USA and mostly consists of homeless teenage girls. Seems to make since(cents) for the powers that be to sadly legalize both, especially with high unemployment and increased immigration.

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