About Dr Lawrence Dunegan

Quote from Dr Dunegan’s son shortly after his father’s death:


Today is my first day back to work. It’s a big step in returning to normal.

So far it’s going well, mostly I’m being left alone to do the piles of work that appeared while I was away. For those of you who don’t know, my father passed away a week ago today (last Friday). He suffered from colon and liver cancer. He was 70, almost made it to his 71st birthday. It’s a bit wierd sorting through all these emotions and stuff, but it’s also quite an eye-opener learning experience. My father was a good man, and I’ll surely miss him. As one friend aptly put it, “he was very sweet, yet scrappy.” I am so very appreciative of all the friends and folks who came to pay their respects, and for those who couldn’t make it… thanks for being there if only in your thoughts.

In memory of Dr. Lawrence A. Dunegan

February 23, 1923 – January 9, 2004

19 thoughts on “About Dr Lawrence Dunegan

  1. I just read a transcript of your father’s discussion with Mr Engel and it now verifies what some of us already know. But reading it in such a concise way — straight from the horses mouth — was both chilling and eye opening. What Dr Day describes is actually a somewhat toned down synopsis of what it has morphed into now. They are taking people and students and literally brainwashing them to create sleepers… by creating a mind controlled slave. This information has been leaked by several people in the CIA. And it is quite horrifying.
    Thank you and your late father for bringing this vital information for the world to view… Unfortunately, the rabbit hole goes much deeper now…

    • Very true Leslie, it is all in the planning. Our society has been turned upside down and back to front especially by the re-colonisation of our western countries by totally unsuitable immigration. In the not too distant future, we could all end up living in an ‘Afghanistan” environment. And still, the sheeple keep grazing happily along.
      Mrs Elizabeth Verhoeff (Australia)

  2. Hi, Dr. Dunegan’s birth year was 1933, not 1923, per the Soc.Sec. Death Index which you can search at FamilySearch.org. 1933 jives with him having been 70 at death. 1923 would have made him 80.

    familysearch .org/ search/collection/results?count=20&query=+givenname:Lawrence~%20+surname:Dunegan~%20+death_place:Pennsylvania~%20+death_year:2004-2004~&collection_id=1202535
    Lawrence Dunegan,
    Event: Death,
    Place: Pennsylvania,
    Event Range: 2004-2004

    Name Events
    Lawrence A Dunegan
    United States Social Security Death Index
    23 February 1933
    9 January 2004
    Allegheny, Pennsylvania

    I assume that is the correct man as the other 2 entries did not have correct names.

    I could not find a photo but did not look very hard.

    There is a nice 39-page document of Dr. Dunegan’s transcripts at the US COALITION FOR LIFE website:
    uscl. info/edoc/doc. php?doc_id=89&action=inline

    Your site here is also very nicely presented, breaking up the content into individual posts by subject. Good idea!

    Also excellent to have the audios & mp3 on your audio page.

    Henry Makow dot com today 5/10/16 reposted one of his older articles (2008-2009) re Drs. Day & Dunegan & included a link to your blog this time; hence the avenue by which I found your blog.

    Donald Trump needs to read Dr. Dunegan’s transcripts/audio! Especially re manufacturing having been gutted & deported by design, & many other topics exposed by Drs. Day/Dunegan!

    Thank you for your work!

  3. I hope you got my comment. It had 2 links for verification of the info so is probably in your Moderation box. TY!

  4. Verifications? Just look around and you will see nearly everything Dr Dunegan reported in 1989 as told to him 20 years earlier is true today. I had thought maybe Dr Dunegan was just recapping the changes he had witnessed in the past 20 years that he disapproved of during his recordings and creating a more interesting backstory. But as you view the world in 2018, everything he stated that would occur in the future has or is in the process of happening. Dr Dunegan is an unknown, even in the conspiracy crowds. This is a terrible waste of information and should be daily discussion to review where we are at in the world and where we are going.

  5. It is worth restating that Dr. Day went to college and medical school during the biggest financial crisis in US history–the Great Depression. Yet, he was privileged enough to attend Harvard for both degrees when the majority of the US population was starving, dying or jumping off buildings. This is the single most important delineator of the family from which he came and his formed character. He was a creepy secret society mad scientist–like his buddies of the NWO–brilliant and extremely dangerous.

  6. I imagine Dr. Dunegan would be VERY upset to see the “planned parenthood” ADVERTS on his site!! What a thumb in his eye! Shame on you who have allowed this to happen. I won’t be back!

  7. What I cannot understand is why a Professor of Paediatrics would be privy to the plans of the global elite, and why he would reveal it’s secrets to a meeting of the Pittsburgh Paediatric Society. This to me seems highly implausible. Was anyone present at the lecture able to confirm the contents of the lecture as recounted by Dr. Lawrence Dunegan.

    • A quick backcheck shows the Dr was very real and indeed a pediatrician: https://www.jpeds.com/article/S0022-3476(95)70097-8/fulltext

      “In 1965 he was asked to take the post of medical director of Planned Parenthood International, and he accepted because of his strong conviction that the issue of overpopulation was arguably the most important problem faced by this planet. In 1968 Dick Day returned to pediatrics at the invitation of Horace Hodes at the then-new Mount Sinai School of Medicine.”

  8. Just discovered this during the Corona era… Its winter… We are in lockdowns and have stay-at-home orders. The technocrats control the global narrative during this lockdown era. I wish I had discovered this website & audio earlier

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