These are the recordings of Dr Lawrence Dunegan recollecting the meeting on the 20th March 1969.

The audio quality (especially on tapes 3 and 4) is low quality.

Each of the tapes is in the region of one hour long, and a link is provided under each video which will open its YouTube page in a new tab or window.

Tape 4 was recorded in 1991.

All videos are audio only.

Tape 1 (in a new window or tab)

Tape 2 (in a new window or tab)

Tape 3 (in a new window or tab)

Tape 4 (in a new window or tab)

22 thoughts on “Audio

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  2. Hi,
    why not post the audio as standard mp3 files so people don’t have to use youtube?
    Many of these hosting sites like youtube demand running scripts potentially ‘polluting’ one’s PC, with all sorts of tracking. People that don’t allow this, then cannot download the audio.
    Cheers folks

    • Hi. Thanks for your comment.

      On the right side of the page there is a ‘download audio’ link to a mp3 file of the audio which you can download. It is a direct link to the file on

      Here is the link

      Hope this helps. It is very interesting to listen to when compared to events that have happened since and that are happening now.

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  8. There is no doubt that this seminar occurred and Dr Dunegan does not get the recognition he deserves as being the ultimate whistle blower on the rulers of this world. I am listening again as I find more and more of what he stated in 1989 to be even more true today.

  9. This web page is really a stroll-by means of for all of the data you wanted about this and didn’t know who to ask. Glimpse here, and you’ll undoubtedly discover it.

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  11. I agree with your comment, Frank. Now that we’re in the thick of it, with the Coronavirus flu spreading, I see the dawn of exposure to this genocide attempt and the destruction of China as an economy. Many of us are awakening to the shadow boxing and gamelan puppets’ shadows on the screen in the present world-jungle.

    As far as I’m informed, the conditions aren’t that good at the moment, February 26th, 2020. There are cases of this flu, in patients who’ve just left the hospital after they recovered from it. The second time it seems to show up in a more severe form. It’s possible that nanotechnology is involved in this virus and that it’s possible that there’s a timing mechanism present in it. So that it can be switched on and off. Let’s hope it’s OFF soon.

    The survival period of this virus is officially declared to be 14 days, but I’m informed that it’s 28 days and that it can travel through air and water on long distances. Also by sitting on objects and finding a host when touched. Hence, the warning to not buy food and products imported from China and food prepared in China.

    • Covid 19 is non-existent. Look at Kochs Postulates and how it doesn’t fit with these, look at the rt-PCR test used to “detect” infected humans (the inventor of this test even stated back in the 80s that it SHOULD NOT be used to detect any viral infection), read how PCR detracts exosomes and not infections, find out how exosomes are released and their purpose of release and how they protect ‘poisoned’cells, research 5G electro-magnetic poisoning of soft cell tissues in the human body…. dots joining yet? peace.

  12. These tapes are highly valuable and informative, but at times, I need to pause and do something else in the real world. For example, the sinister suggestion to organize a farewell party for one’s elderly parents, allowing them to leave the earth plane, with balloons and dance in tow, it’s so preposterous and out of touch with human nature and the heart, that it makes you shrivel up inside a bit. Dr. Dunegan has done many of us who choose to find out what’s cooking behind closed kitchen doors, a great service. It’s not easy to sum up these gruesome details of a New World Order agenda.

  13. We really need to do something as a collective the sooner people understand we aren’t easily controlled as a unite people, you all know they are only powerful because of what they control and who they control

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  16. Hi brother. Sorry but could you tell me how can I obtain the original recordings of this interview please?

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